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Beyond Facebook and Twitter – How Government Organizations Leverage Other Social Platforms Effectively

As detailed in the recent announcement from Center for The Business of Government Executive Director, Dan Chenok, I am happy to be starting my work with the Center as Innovation and Social Media Fellow.  I plan to explore innovation, social media, and the intersection of the two as government’s look to better achieve their missions andRead… Read more »

Is Twitter the Right Channel for Responding to Customer Service Questions in the U.K.?

While social media has the potential to be a great add-on tool for customer service (communicating with the public through Twitter opens up possibilities for immediate interactions) most U.K. organisations are not using Twitter for direct stakeholder interactions. In fact, even though the majority of U.K. organisations have a Twitter account, only about a thirdRead… Read more »

APSC’s current online participation guidance becoming an unwanted and unneeded distraction

There’s been a great deal of scrutiny of the APSC’s revised guidance on social media participation by public servants since it came into effect in early 2012 (coincidentally about the time I left the public service). Initially dubbed by some parts of the media as the ‘Jericho amendments‘ (sorry Greg!), the 2012 guidance has regularlyRead… Read more »

6 Lessons Learned to Excel With Social Media

“If you think government is behind in social media, head to the bar right now because you’ll need to drown your sorrows when you find out you’re wrong.” -Justin Herman, Federal Social Media program manager at GSA’s Office of Citizen Services and Innovative Technologies The Social Media Club of DC opened their SocialGov event, sponsoredRead… Read more »

Great Gov Tweets from this week.

We launched a new government Twitter dashboard called Great Gov Tweets this week. We build the dashboard every day by looking at every tweet sent by federally-managed twitter accounts two days before and then giving them scores based on retweets, favorites, and their audience size. We do this to identify what kinds of government communicationRead… Read more »