Help, I need a great web application idea!

There is a contest to win some Google I/O tickets and I would like to do something to help govs out.

Here are the details:
I will have until 4:00 P.M. PDT on March 30 to complete the following coding challenge.

Automation on Apps Scripts
Choose a task that you do regularly and automate it with Apps Script. Some examples are here:

Bonus points if you integrate with a third-party (non-Google) API to solve this challenge.

I would really like to connect to a gov service using json, wsdl or something I can get xml from a url request. The problem is that there is so little gov data out there that has an API you can program against. I am working to change that but our dataset available through API is small, mostly AG opinions and legislative bill analyses.

Any of you have a great idea of what I should build?

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