How Australian journalists are using Twitter

Republished from eGovAU.

If you’ve been attempting to advocate the use of Twitter for your Department or Agency, as I know a couple of people have been attempting to do, this article by MediaShift on How Journalists Are Using Twitter in Australia provides some large calibre ammunition.

So does this Internal Comms Hub report discussing Why crisis planning is now incomplete without social media, which is also supported by P&O Cruises who are currently using Twitter to address swine flu concerns, as reported in Thumbrella, P&O use social media for swine flu updates.

If you do want to see which Australian journalists and media outlets are now actively using Twitter, refer to this list from Earley Edition, Australia’s top 100 Journalists and news media people on Twitter.

And in case you need more tips on how to get started, here’s a couple of posts I wrote earlier, Getting started with Twitter in Australian government and Creating appropriate guidelines for Twitter engagement

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