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How do you engage thousands of homeland security stakeholders? Funny you should ask…

We at the National Academy of Public Administration today released our report on the National Dialogue on the Quadrennial Homeland Security Review. This was a project with the Department of Homeland Security to run a three-phase online public dialogue soliciting stakeholder ideas and feedback on DHS’s missions, goals, and priorities. While the ideas offered have already been taken into account for DHS’s QHSR Report, this report provides more analysis and discussion of the lessons learned in conducting this type–and scale–of online engagement.

I think it bears mentioning that this was done on a pretty unprecedented scale. Nearly everyone’s a homeland security stakeholder, and it’s a pretty complex challenge to solicit a mass of ideas and make those digestible for the purposes of informing a big policy document.

The report is admittedly a little text-heavy (we’re in the business of govt, right?!), but the lessons in here are really rich. We’ve got it posted on SlideShare, and we welcome your comments and feedback!

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Bowen Moran

I’m pretty interested in your report, but the SlideShare link you have above isn’t working. I found this one which does. I like that you reportted not just the findings, but how to improve the findings and how to engage such a large group of people better.