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This Friday: Forum on geospatial/place-based public management

Geospatial technology has become a reality of everyday life. We map out locations on Google, send tweets with geotags, and find food trucks nearby (especially the last one). But increasingly, these capabilities are proving to have profound potential for reshaping how government delivers services. With that in mind, the National Academy of Public Administration willRead… Read more »

Geospatial & place-based public management – Forum on May 20th

The National Academy of Public Administration will be hosting a Forum on Place-Based Public Management on Friday, May 20, 2011. The centerpiece of this forum will be a Panel of federal and private-sector leaders that will (1) discuss lessons learned in developing and implementing place-based approaches to public management; and (2) identify the key challengesRead… Read more »

New resource comparing ten online idea-generation tools

This week, the National Academy of Public Administration’s Collaboration Project released a resource on stakeholder engagement that I hope will be useful to Govloopers. Tools for Online Idea Generation: A Comparison of Technology Platforms for Public Managers compares ten web-based idea-generation platforms, many of which we have used for various projects, with the intent toRead… Read more »

Do transparency, participation, and collaboration build on one another in implementing opengov?

(This is a cross-post from our blog at the Collaboration Project) IBM’s Center for the Business of Government recently released a report entitled “An Open Government Implementation Model: Moving to Increased Public Engagement.” The report presents the results of a review of several open government initiatives at the federal level and puts forward a four-stageRead… Read more »

Lessons on engaging a union workforce at the Dept of Energy – NAPA report on A Worker Dialogue

We (the National Academy of Public Administration) just released our final report on the Worker Dialogue, an online dialogue we partnered with the Department of Energy’s Office of Health, Safety and Security to host this past summer. The report contains some valuable insights and lessons learned about how to engage the workforce in decision makingRead… Read more »

What do the midterm results mean for public servants?

**UPDATE: Corrected Nextgov link** I was struck by a nextgov story this morning, which argued: “When you have to organize a rally called “Government Doesn’t Suck,” it’s probably time to acknowledge you’ve lost the public debate.” Given the anti-incumbent, anti-Washington sentiment felt in this election, what does this mean for public servants, particularly at theRead… Read more »

How to Plan for Collective Brainstorming Online – New Guide Released

Collaborative brainstorming online is all the rage these days. It’s a powerful tool for government to involve the public by inviting people to offer ideas and start discussions that will inform government decisions. But, as with so many other innovations in government, engaging the public in a meaningful way takes more than just “putting upRead… Read more »