How-To: Communicate Effectively – Part 1

Effective communication has several benefits that can be applied to not only your professional endeavors, but personal as well. Learning, (or shall I say relearning) how to listen and speak skillfully can not only show your co-workers that you understand their issues, but it can also enrich your relationships. More people will be attracted to you because they feel you will be able to not only understand their problems but fix them too. Here some quick tips to get you started!

Count to 10

People have different ways of expressing fear or frustration. Sometimes you will deal with colleagues who may talk to you in a less than professional manner. Do not take it personally. First, take a deep and count to 10. Use these ten seconds to relax, it will also give the other person time to tell you the real reason he/she wanted to speak with you.

Respond, Do not React

When someone expresses the fact and their feelings this is called a response. If you are a participant in the project, express responsibility in the communication with the co-worker. For example, if something happens and you feel it is appropriate to say, “It is not my fault!”, respond skillfully in saying, I understand your frustration.”

“I Do not Know”

Accept the fact that you do not have all of the answers, it is OK. If you want to discover the answer, let them know that you do not have the answer right know, however, I will (try to) find that answer for you. Part of being a good employee is having integrity when your conduct business.

Stay tuned to Part 2..I wish you well!

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