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HR=Humans Represent: Pedal to the Metal or Foot on the Breaks?

The Federal Government fiscal year 2011 budget indicates the intent to hire more federal employees. How many you ask? Over the next few years, the Center for Human Capital Information (who happens to be a member of the Portal for Talent Management in Government) indicates the number to be between 300,000 to 400,000 new federal hires. The budget shows money being spent on salary and wages for government employees increasing, and the money spent on contractors decreasing, so says FedSources (they are a consulting service which specializes in contracting activities of the federal government.

This tidbit of information shouldn’t be too shocking, or a late-breaking news story, as a March 2009 memorandum from President Obama stated that “contractors may be performing inherently governmental functions. Agencies and departments must operate under clear rules prescribing when outsourcing is and is not appropriate.” President Obama wants to change the numbers – right now there are approximately 2 million civil servants and 6 million contractors the Center for Human Capital Innovation…and looks like we’re beginning to shift this in reverse!

Is it any wonder that the government needs to hire federal employees, and fast? I think not, as the government is already planning changes in recruiting practices. What’s gotta change? The fact that “on average, it takes 140 days to make a new hire, and in some cases, it can take nearly 200 days” – a quote from the director of the Office of Management and Budget. It sounds like the race has already started, as changes in Federal hiring have begun to be implemented.

So it would seem the Federal government may have put the pedal to the medal on hiring employees, but at the same time applied the breaks for contractors. Whether you’re a contractor or you are looking for a Federal job, there may have been a recent lane change, but that government engine is still running!

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