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I am Amver video project

Since the IMO declared 2010 the Year of the Seafarer we thought we could expand on that campaign and put together an Amver video.

would not be a success without the work and dedication of mariners and rescue
. The other part of Amver are the survivors. All of these pieces make the Amver story complete. With that in mind we want to bring these pieces together in a video. Hence the birth of
the I am Amver project.

Can’t see the video? Click here.

What do we want you to do? Shoot a video of you at work, on your ship, the dock, anywhere. Identify yourself- “I am first mate XXXX and I am Amver”, is perfect! “I am XXXXX and I sail on the Anthemis; I am Amver”, is another great thing to share.

Maybe you are a search and rescue controller. Tell us your story. Shoot a group video of your shift. “We save lives, we are Amver”, would look great on film! Are you a survivor? How about a short video of your experience closing with “I am Amver”.

Upload your video to YouTube making sure to tag the video #iamamver. Make sure you use the hash tag symbol. This makes searching for the videos easier.

Upload your videos by April 30 and we will review and edit them into a final project to debut in May.

You are Amver! You make the system a success. Tell us your story so we can share it with the world!

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