Join Me for Two Free Webinars

You’re invited to join these free webinars that I teach as part of EPA’s Web training program. Please spread the word.

September 2, 2-3 EDT: Mixing Web 1.0 and 2.0. Using our efforts for Earth Month (surrounding Earth Day on April 22), I discuss how we used all of our tools to accomplish our mission. This experience helped me develop my social media mantra: mission, tool, metrics, teach.
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September 17, 2:30-4:00 EDT: Talking about social media with managers. I have a presentation I’m giving to senior management groups at EPA. In this webinar, I’ll give the same presentation, but also step out of character to explain what I emphasize as I give it. My goal is to teach you how to give the presentation, and I use the presentation itself as a teaching tool.
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For both slide decks, consider them public domain: use them as you see fit, edit them, whatever you like. Crediting me is nice but not required.

– When you register, you’ll get a confirmation email with a URL and a phone number. They’re unique to you, so keep that information! If you lose the info, you can just reregister, even after the session starts. There’s no general URL or phone I can give you.
– The only cost is for the call – it’s not toll-free.
– You’ll need to be able to use free software called GotoWebinar, which doesn’t require a separate download – your browser will automatically download a small piece as you start up. It does work with both IE and Firefox.
– I can’t provide technical support. If you’re not sure whether you can access GotoWebinar, or you need help using it, please try their support site.
– I’m willing to record them, but the recordings are enormous and longer than YouTube allows. If you know of a way to distribute a 30-60 minute video that’s hundreds of megabytes, please let me know!
– I do these a few times a year, so you’ll have another chance in a few months if you miss it.

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Jeffrey Levy

Ed: Yep, I know it can be a real challenge as a 1-person shop. Hence my “don’t go nuts” point. Think about which tools will get you what you want and then try them out. By all means, you don’t need to do the wide range of stuff we did. My message is to use the right tools, not to use every tool in existence. And “right” depends on your resources.

On that note, doing a widget might take only a few hours of coding and testing.

Good luck, and feel free to leave comments here sharing your experiences!