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Last week’s webinar, Top 5 Ways to Increase Website Traffic with Video, attracted over 60 government agencies across the U.S. and Canada. While video becomes a powerful tool for transparency and accountability, government staff members across all different departments are still trying to find ways to use it effectively—to not only attract a wider audience to their website, but also to build public trust.

When asked, are you trying to drive more traffic? 75% of our viewers said yes, the other 25% they are trying to, but still have a lot more to do! I’m going to recap the top tips from our webinar so you can remember to apply them.

Communications Manager, Jennie Vana from award-winning, Lake County, Illinois’, presented her story about how they’re using video as a key communications tool on their website to educate citizens. She kicked things off by alluding to how video makes their communication more “personal” and real. What better time than now to start authenticating your communications? Especially in light of the controversial Wikilieak secrecy debate going on in government, capturing raw video of your public meetings and events is the best way to start giving citizens a real transparent look at the work government does.

When it comes to video, Granicus expert Charles Blanchet said that you need to remember to “give it some love” regularly. Like any communications tool, if not updated with timely information, it becomes irrelevant. We wanted to show you how keep video relevant and effective. Here’s a quick snapshot of the tips we addressed yesterday. Or, register with us to watch the full webinar: Top 5 Ways to Increase Website Traffic with Video.

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