Leadership Development 3 Minutes At A Time

Leadership development is a sticky subject with great disagreement on how to choose leaders and how to develop leaders. Some people think that leaders are born with innate leadership qualities while others think that leaders can be developed provided they have certain key traits. With the Future Leaders of Ontario (@FutureLeadersON), a young professionals networking in Ontario, Canada for federal public servants, we think that leaders can and must be developed, and we’ve started to take a multi-faceted approach to sharing information about leadership development by creating articles, tweets, events, and a new video series called Lessons for Emerging Leaders.

The leadership landscape is not lacking in people who want to share their opinion with you. In any level of government globally, most of us have attended a speech by a senior leader where they share their insights about developing your career, moving into a leadership role, or how to improve citizen service delivery. These speeches can be helpful as it’s very useful to learn from someone’s experience.

However, we found new supervisors, team leaders and managers were also in need of practical advice that they could apply immediately such as how to create an engaging team meeting, how to engage, develop and support your staff, the role of a leader as teacher, the value of building a team library and how to guide your own leadership development.

This is how Lessons for Emerging Leaders was born. By curating this content into engaging 3 minute videos hosted on YouTube, these nuggets of advice can be easily applied to the workplace by public service leaders in Canada, the US, and around the world. Each of these videos was made with GoAnimate, an easy to use online platform for animated video content.

FLO will continue to grow the Lessons for Emerging Leaders series over the coming months with segments on how to hold an effective 1-on-1 meeting with your direct reports, the value of networking for leaders and being an innovative leader.

You can check out part 1, 2 and 3 of Lessons for Emerging Leaders at the link below. If you have any topics to suggest for a future video please post your comments and I’ll be happy to follow up.

Good luck in your career!

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Robin L. Hayes

Thank you for the information and lessons on leadership. Does one earn a certificate for completing these courses. Even there is not one it is a good mini course to do.

Josh Frame

Hi Robin,

Unfortunately we don’t have a certificate for watching the videos – this would be a bit of a challenge to do as YouTube provides stats in terms of number of views and the country it’s viewed from, but no individual information.

Let me know if you have any ideas for subsequent videos or would like to chat on any other topics. You can connect with me on Twitter @mahalojosh.