Mag+ New Release Offers Flexibility Beyond Digital Publications

OmniStudio is excited to announce the 4.1 release of Mag+! The latest iteration of this beautiful and flexible publishing tool allows for clients to think outside the box of standard periodical publication and develop a mobile app that meets all their needs.

  • Updated features will allow users to click on jump links
  • Horizontal scrolling is no longer required
  • Pinch and zoom accessibility for photos
  • Maximizes the utility of retina screens
  • Dual layout, so users can rotate devices without losing functionality

The updates to Mag+ make it an even better option for organizations of all kinds to develop and host beautiful mobile apps in a diverse array of tablets.

Mag+ is a streamlined production system that integrates with Adobe InDesign to bring media-rich publications to millions of readers who now turn to their mobile phones and tablets for news, feature stories and the pleasure of viewing beautifully designed pages.

Omni and Mag+ are partnering to offer a smooth path for publishing to iPads and other mobile devices.

As a marketing partner with Mag+, Omni has put this new tool through its paces to make sure it can meet the requirements of our customers’ publications. Recently we developed walking tours for exhibits, integrated video, and installed data charts that enrich materials that existed previously only in print. The tool works incredibly efficiently for offices and departments that need to disseminate large documents and reports but are limited by low printing budgets. Apps produced in Mag+ are distributed through the Apple App store, so reports and information have the capacity to reach a much wider audience than paper publications.

For more information about Omni’s Mag+ services, please contact Elisabeth Crum.

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