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My Digital Innovation Strategy for London – One Year On

This is a re-post of a blog I wrote over on the FutureGov site yesterday

Without realising, I seem to be a man of New Years resolutions. When it comes to big decisions and turning my thinking into action, January appears to be a big month for me looking back.

Two years ago this month, I founded FutureGov (time really has flown having fun!).

Roll forward a year and London was on my mind. Inspired by much of what was emerging out of the US as well as some of our own homegrown intiatives, I felt moved to pen what I rather grandly called a “Digital Innovation Strategy for London”. Intended in the first instance to clear my head and organise my thoughts, I ended up passing it on to some senior London government colleagues for thoughts on how we might make some of it happen.

In the spirit of the reviews of 2009 that are going around at the moment, I thought I would share one of the versions of what I wrote (with the help of my trusted co-conspirator Carrie) around this time last year and leave it to you to decide whether I was on to something or whether I was missing a trick – and how much has come to pass.

I am genuinely impressed with much of what has happened in the Capital this past year and chuffed to have played a small part it shaping it, working with colleagues at the Greater London Authority and London Councils to make things happen. For instance, as reported in yesterday’s Guardian, today sees the launch of the GLA’s Data Store, catching up with many US cities leading in this field but with the potential to take it further faster given the support of organisations such as 4iP and the amazing tech talent in London just waiting to get its teeth into the challenge.

So take a look at what I wrote and let me know what you think. It would also be great to get your views on where we (collectively) take London from here, so that when January 2011 comes round we can do this all over again!

Digital Innovation Strategy for London

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