NextGen Topic: Civic Engagement & Open Innovation 7/26 @ 1:15

The application of technology to government has evolved into an incredible environment of creative change. Just as Tim O’Reilly predicted, now is the age of government as a platform. Raw open data is being made readily available to the public, which has created new applications, tools, and ways to access information and services. The Thursday afternoon session, scheduled from 1:15 to 2:15, is designed to bring four of the leading minds behind this ever-important movement to the same room to openly discuss their passion, drive and predictions into what’s next. We will discuss new applications and programs that advance open government, new social engagement platforms, and the reinvigoration of action by constituents to empower government to be better.

Come join our discussion to see where Civic Engagement and Open Innovation is changing the landscape of government. Hear from the minds of:

Jeff Friedman- Manager of Civic Innovation: Philadelphia

Story Bellows- Civic Innovator: Philadelphia

Nigel Jacob- Mayor’s Office of New Urban Mechanics: Boston

Kevin Curry- Code for America Brigade

You will leave this session excited about civic involvement in government and eager to bring these topics back to where you live.

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