#NGG10: Engaging Your Audience: The Art of Public Speaking Materials!

Friday Govloop!

As promised, here are a number of resources to assist you in preparing presentations. These materials are non-proprietary, so please feel free to share them as widely as you like. It was an honor to speak with you at such a fantastic event. Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any follow up thoughts or questions, and I am of course available to speak at your next meeting, conference wedding or bar mitzvah.

The presentation checklist: Feel free to tweak to meet your needs.

The slides can be found here.

For the public speaking portion, I highly recommend reading, “The Lost Art of the Great Speech”. It’s an easy read and outlines specific techniques like triplet, analogy and others.

All of the video material I either used or intended to use:

Pre game: Brothers In Arms, from the West Wing

1. Observation: Stand up Comedy about PowerPoint

The Gettysburg Address Powerpoint

2. Development John Adams and Thomas Jefferson edit the Declaration of Independence

3. Structure: Al Pacino’s Peace by Inches, from Any Given Sunday

4. Design: Hans Rosling, Gapminder and the Use of Data

5. Preparation: Miracle Speech in the Living Room

Miracle Speech, Fenway Park

6. Delivery: Barack Obama’s New Hampshire Concession Speech Cue to 9:00

35 Great speeches.

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