Will Apple Actually Admit Their Mistake? – I Seriously Doubt It!

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In response to Consumer Reports NOT recommending the new iPhone 4 earlier this week Apple has called a previously unscheduled Press Conference to discuss the iPhone 4 (No other details about the press conference are currently available).

So, does anyone want to garner a guess as to what Apple is going to state?

Here are a few possibilities:

  1. Apple can blatantly disagree with Consumer Reports and continue to state nothing is wrong with the design of the antenna – 15% possibility
  2. Apple can admit the design flaw and announce a recall – 0% possibility
  3. Apple can announce a second firmware “fix” to address the issue – 30% possibility
  4. Apple will admit the design flaw and offer a free case to all those who have purchased the iPhone 4 – 15% possibility
  5. Apple will admit the design flaw and instruct those that took the iPhone 4 plunge to suck it up and purchase a case – 40% possibility

Let me know if I missed any possibilities and/or what you think about my predictions. Apple has traditionally disregarded most PR best practices so I can’t wait to see how they play this one…

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Jon Lee

I think Apple is a lot like Lebron James. They know they’re money and are blinded by their own hubris. Apple blaming faulty signal bars and ignoring the real problem is like Lebron James confiscating the video of him getting dunked on by a kid.

My guess is Apple will not admit a design flaw but offer to give out free bumpers. But they’ll wait a while to make this announcement because they know most people will go out and get their own bumpers first. That’s just a hunch.

Bryan Conway JD, PMP

While there are legitimate problems with the phone, I fear that opportunists are piling on in a manner similar to the Toyota breaking issue (false claims made in order to cash in). There was a class action suit filed against Apple about 30 seconds after the problem was made public .

Yet another reason why a lot of us don’t wait in line overnight for the latest gadget – I’d rather let the more enthusiastic consumers act as guinea pigs and buy it later once the bugs are worked out!

Terri Jones

I have an iPhone 4 and don’t have a problem and I thought the data presented by Steve Jobs was compelling, in terms of the extent of the problem. I have had more dropped calls with my Blackberry than my iPhones. I am hopeful that the iPhone becomes available with other carriers because I think that is the root of the problem.