On Restricted Internet Access At Work

(As usual this is a cross post from cpsrenewal.ca; original can be found here.) Hint: Click on the image to enlarge.

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Sterling Whitehead

Love. It.

Half my time in contracting is spent trying to find out how to do something. This chart helps show that frustration.

Avatar photo Bill Brantley

A major reason for my decision to telework is to get out of the restricted computer environment. At my own expense, I bought my own copy of SAS, Visual Studio 8, and Expression 2 so that I can do work at home and be able to update applications when needed instead of having to fill out “Business Case Exceptions” and wait for the Help Desk to get back to me. These experiences are also what makes me skeptical about implementing ROWE.

Patrick Quinn

Many’s the times I’ve fought outside the firewall, manning the battlements at Bridgehead Starbucks.

Or in my case, the Outpost at Bourgeois Pig.