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Operations Managers – what is your opinion of Human Resources within your Gov. Contracting firm?

I have a question I’d like to ask:

As a Operations Manager in a Government Contracting firm, what – in your viewpoint – is missing from Human Resources?

What elements of Human Resources does a HR Practitioner needs to know about ‘the rest of the company’ and the departments or elements within a government contracting firm? Does the HR staff simply perform paper pushing or are they actively engaged and working within the team for strategic goals, tasks, analysis, proposals and contracting, etc?

In your experience – what topics does your HR staff seem to be lacking in understanding, don’t know enough about, need to gain more training and education – that are directly related to knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to make your company better, stronger, or more focused in the work the organization supplies to the federal, state, or local government?

Respectfully, Dawn Boyer

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