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Process Intelligence plus Project Management equals Lean Change Management

Been a while since I’ve blogged but it was quite fruitful absence. I spent the time catching up on the latest developments in management including a fascinating book on Process Intelligence. What I like about process intelligence is that it is blending of business process management and business analytics that aids in designing an optimum process from the start.

At the same time I’ve also just finished Wysocki’s Adaptive Project Framework. APF is used for projects where the goal is clear but the solution is uncertain. Using iterative build cycles and treating scope as variable APF essentially explores a way to the best solution for the project.

It occurred to me that blending process intelligence with APF might lead to more effective change management efforts – Lean Change Management. APF will be used to establish the process and then process intelligence will be used examine the process and feed in improvements to the next APF cycle. Over the next month or so, I will work out the details of lean change management in periodic postings.

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