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Recruitment 411: Social Media Melting Pot

Social Media allows the IRS Recruitment Office to communicate and network with job applicants at any time and from any place. The key to our success is integration; every tool is part of a well-oiled social media machine.

By using social media, the IRS accomplishes several important goals. First, we show the IRS is a progressive employer, while increasing awareness of our recruiting practices and job openings. More importantly, we build an IRS recruiter culture using social networks to share our vision of the IRS as a great place to work.

The centerpiece of our social media outreach is our website geared to job seekers, the IRS Careers website, which had more than 1.67 million visitors in 2010.

From this site, users can link directly to our Facebook wall, our three Twitter accounts, our island in the virtual world Second Life, and our series of employee testimonial videos on YouTube.

We use Twitter to provide links back to our Facebook wall, job announcements on USAJobs, and the IRS Careers Website. We also actively promote our social media presence across all sites on our employees’ LinkedIn profiles and on our primary GovLoop account. This back-and-forth activity ensures we are able to put our messages in front of the right people at the right time using the right social media channel.

Nowhere is our social media integration more pronounced than on our island in Second Life. When avatars visit us, they will find information about current job openings along with direct links to our other social media accounts.

Across all of these channels, we use consistent branding and graphics, which also coordinates with our print marketing materials. By using a mix of print advertising, our careers website and social media networks, we have greatly expanded our communications reach without increasing the size of our staff or increasing our budget.

How does your organization integrate social media channels to reach a wider audience?

Recruitment 411 is the official blog of the IRS Recruitment Office.

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Chris IRS Recruiter

Hi Jean-Paul,

The recruitment office developed a comprehensive communications strategy that includes detailed guidelines for how we use a variety of social media tools to promote IRS Recruitment Office messages. Any member of the IRO staff who is involved in the use of social media follows these guidelines.