So…brilliant Govloopians: who do you think needs to know about this cool green project?

Howdy, Govloopians:

I just posted a link to this very cool green office renovation-going-for-LEED-green project going on at 26 Federal Plaza in New York City, spearheaded by GSA.

(edited now so you can actually go to it! :))

I am a green nerd, and I also am a contractor working on GSA content, so this particular project really excites me. So much so that, when I spotted a bicyclist taking a picture of the building, I actually told him what was going on in there. He was really glad to know about it. He wanted to know more.

I think the web page does a great job, which I told him about, and there is an additional news story here:

It just got me thinking:

Who do you think needs to know about the project?
How do we inform them?
How do we keep them connected to projects like this?

I know what *I* think. What do you think?

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