Social Events and Political Savvy

  • It is that time of year again when organizations have social functions. Always remember that work social events are an informal extension of the organization. So to make sure you are politically savvy I have put together some Dos and Don’ts for your sucess this social season.


  • Don’t lie and not show up
  • Don’t miss the big moment (the reason for the event)
  • Don’t eat over the buffet table or ask for a plate to take home
  • Don’t ignore your boss
  • Don’t cluster with your friends
  • Don’t discuss politics, religion, sex or death
  • Don’t gossip about your boss or coworkers
  • Don’t eat or drink too much
  • Don’t discuss work – you can talk about the food, hobbies, books, sports)
  • Don’t dress inappropriately – do not show the 4 Bs (boobs, belly, butt or back)
  • Don’t lose your cool, showing anger

If you become intoxicated

  • Do not talk to your boss, manager or coworker who might later recount any inappropriate comments or behavior
  • If you become trapped in a conversation with your boss, become a “yes” perosn – just smile, nod and find a way to excuse yourself
  • Spill or drop something so that you can excuse yourself


  • Do attend

– Shows that you are a team player

– Gives you an opportunity to network

– Gives you the opportunity to meet important people in your


  • Do take the time to introduce yourself to new people and become better acquainted with coworkers
  • Do smile and try to have a pleasant time

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Shannon Donelson

Couldn’t agree more! Don’t do/wear anything your grandma would shake her head at, and act in a way that best represents yourself and your workplace. Social events are very much about PR!