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SUCCESS RULE NUMBER 2 – ENJOY WHAT YOU DO. Have you ever worked for a miserable person? Not fun is it? Usually this person is self centered and only concerned about themselves, and typically takes pleasure in bring those around them to their miserable level. Not you. Be excited about what you do. There is nothing wrong with… really enjoying your work. I think there are a lot of people out there that like what they do but think saying so will label them with their whinny, complaining co-workers as sucking up, or workaholics. Don’t concern yourself with this. Embrace what you do. OK, reality check. Sometimes you’re faced with challenges on the job; sometimes it’s less than fun. So what do you do?

1.) Focus on helping others. Life’s burdens are easily lifted when we extend a helping hand. Connect with other people at work, make friends, be friendly . . . and smile – which leads me to tip number two.

2.) Change your physical state and you WILL change your emotional state. Try this little experiment. Close your eyes and think of a sad moment in your life, I mean really visualize it, think about it. Once it is firmly in your mind, SMILE, I mean a big toothy grin, maybe even laugh or chuckle. What happened? My guess is the previous thought immediately disappeared. Try skipping. You CAN’T skip and be miserable at the same time. Try it – you’ll see. 🙂

3.) Challenge yourself. Experience a renewed sense of accomplishment.

4.) Plant a “Worry Tree” at the front door. This is a place you can hang your worries before you step into the office. Of course they are still there when you leave at the end of the day and need your attention, but are they something you have to lug around with your all day?


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