SUCCESS RULE #22 – Be Cheerful

In the spirit of Jolly ol’ Santa, this rule is one that we could safely say he lived by. And you have to admit he’s been pretty successful. Being cheerful is a rule that will establish you as someone who is in control, smooth, relaxed and confident. It worked for Santa, hundreds of thousands Boy Scouts, Kris Kringle on “Miracle on 34th Street”, and it will work for you. Think about it, who would you rather be around; a happy, cheerful person, or a miserable down in the dumps, moper?

Be Cheerful at all times. So it’s raining outside, your running late, you’ve got a cold, or your portfolio just dropped another 5 percentage points. OK, so you’re having a bad day. It’s no reason to lose your smile. The sun will shine again, flowers will b

loom, you’ll get home or to work, your cough will clear up and the stock market will go back up.

Sometimes there is a trick to being cheerful. Are you familiar with the phrase, “Fake until you make it”? Like you, I have had days where it just seems I should have just stayed in bed and pulled the covers up over my head. As a professional speaker can you imagine if I greeted my audiences in the morning with a scowl or sad sack look on my face? On the occasion where, let’s just say my hotel room is less than ideal, the coffee was bad, the venue has a large column in the middle of the room, and the employees in the audience were told to be there. First I put a smile on my face. I greet every participant with a hello, a welcome, and a hearty handshake. Interestingly enough they smile back. I have fun introducing each new arrival to those already there, and encourage those in the room to welcome each new person, in unison with, “Good morning . . . “. I try to get each participant to speak in the first hour. I make eye contact with those I speak to and I’m animated. Before you know it, the participants respond in kind, they’re engaged; we’re learning and having fun. Before you know it the room situation doesn’t seem matter any longer. The column, well it “is what it is”, I work around it, I pay attention to those who may be hindered by it, and before you know it I’m no longer “faking” it, I’m actually responding to the smiles and enthusiasm of the audience and am genuinely happy. This doesn’t mean I bury my head in the sand and live in some fantasy world. When and where appropriate, I still take action to influence a situation to the way I want it, but at the right time and at the right place, I’m not going be miserable and drag others down with my whining. Here’s the tricky part, if you are having to fake it for the moment – those around you shouldn’t know.

When asked how you’re doing, instead of saying, “Well you know, gotta deal with the daily grind, blah, blah, blah . . .”, instead try, “Fine thank you, pretty good actually.”. Bring some flowers to work to brighten up the office. Whistle while you work. Walk straight and with purpose in your step. When you carry your own sunshine inside yourself, it doesn’t matter what the “weather” is outside. OK, so maybe you’re not one of those, “touch, feely, group hug, kumbya” kind of people? That’s alright. Perhaps you can simply put on a smile and say hello. Try it, I dare you. 
Commit 2014, and for the rest of your life to be a cheerful person and you will attract positive, happy people. Successful teams and organizations are inspired by individuals who radiate positive feeling, they ignite enthusiasm in others and that leads to increased creativity, productivity and success.

Me, my wife Dorothy, my new assistant Kimberly and all of LDI trainers – Marja Lee, Hal, Elizabeth, Wanda, Media, Lethia, Jina, Betsy, Tom and Brian wish all of you and your families a Holly Jolly Christmas (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IKHXSjtHSZo) and fun, exciting and Blessed 2014.
Be Extraordinary! Be cheerful! Be Blessed!

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