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SUCCESS RULE #31 Take Care of Your Success

No one cares more about your career than you do. Not your spouse, not your supervisor, manager or your senior leadership. Don’t get me wrong, if they’re extraordinary leaders they will care, but never more than you. It’s the old adage – If you don’t care enough to be concerned about your own success, why would anyone else?

Most of the people we interact with will be good people, caring, helpful and if asked supportive. Unfortunately there are also those who are miserable, the ones who make life difficult, jealous coworkers, who given the opportunity, will stab you in the back and be your nemesis. Fortunately, truth be told, there aren’t a lot of these miserable people around, only about a dozen in the whole country. However, they move around… A LOT! So you may have come across one or two, but don’t worry, it’s extremely rare that you will cross paths with all twelve of them. Don’t be afraid of them but do be aware one maybe lurking nearby.

As you experience more success in your life you will also attract the attention of both leadership, supporters and your detractors. They will come disguised as supervisors, coworkers, friends and family. For extraordinary success, continue to develop a network of supporters and friends and minimize contact with those who are toxic and negative, or worse hostile and who may not have your best interest at heart. This includes supervisors who may be threatened by your success or because of your success, will try and hold you back because “you’re too valuable to the team”. Co-workers may be threatened by your success due to their own agenda, or perhaps jealousy, concern for changes your success might bring, or opposing values. Family or friends who guilt you into mediocrity because success is turning you in to “one of them”. Your success is their failure.

In all cases you must maintain your integrity, continue to focus on the overall mission, and practice interpersonal and effective communication skills that compliment your success. You don’t want to become “one of them” and step on others to get ahead. At the same time you don’t want to be drug down, taken advantage of, or stepped all over either. You are instead the standard in which all others will be judged and others will judge themselves. You are the compass others will follow.

Be Extraordinary!

Anthony Tormey

Founder & CEO

Leader Development Institute


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