SUCCESS RULE #34 Learn How to Deal with People who are Different Then You

Difficult people. Everyone seems to know one. You can probably think of your own nemesis right now. Truth be told, in all my research, it turns out there are only about a dozen really obnoxious, rude difficult people in the whole world. That’s right only about 12. Now . . . word has it they move around a lot so chances are you may have come across more than just one. OK, so I’m kidding. In most cases however, most individuals aren’t so much difficult as they are simply different. Think about this. Who do you get along with? Who do you like to hang out with? Who do you like to work with? Most likely it’s others who are similar to you. They do things the way you do, they think the way you, and they communicate the same way you communicate. When others see things differently, have different expectations, opinions, or values, we label them as “difficult”. Remember, these rules are about success, you’re success, not who’s right or wrong, or who has a better way to do something, and it’s definitely not about being something that you are not. Instead it’s about what it takes for you to be successful.

Think about traveling to a non-English speaking country. Sure if it was just a weeks’ vacation or a short trip you might get by without learning any of the language, just hang close to your tour group, the resort you booked . . . the people who are just like you. But if you are going to travel off the beaten path, or spend a considerable amount of time there, it would do you well to learn the language and some of the local culture if you expect to have a successful trip or visit; same at work, with family or in your neighborhood. Learn a little about that “difficult” person in your life, what is their leadership style, their communication style? Try and see the world through their eyes. Remember, it’s not about the other person being difficult; it’s about you having extraordinary success. But of course, you can fight to be right and instead choose to lose.

You’re Awesome. Be Extraordinary!

Anthony Tormey

Founder & CEO

Leader Development Institute

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