SUCCESS RULE #35 Learn To Let It Go

You can be bitter or you can be better. As a follower of the Rules and Tools, I want you to choose to be better. During the course of your success, you will undoubtedly come across those who don’t know the rules. Perhaps it’s that difficult person, or someone who will intentionally lie or cross you, even hurt you (physically, financially or emotionally). Whether it is disappointment, frustration or anger, we very often carry this emotional burden long after the initial experience. Soon it begins to weigh heavy on us and becomes exhausting, sometimes consuming us in our thoughts and actions. We then lose focus of what the rules are and begin to make poor decisions.

During my career I’ve known many people who harbored ill feelings and emotions about another person, or a past situation that just gnawed at them. Some carried this baggage around for several years, their actions resulting in physical and emotional illness, countless arguments, and in some cases illegal behavior, all because they didn’t let it go. Have you ever been so angry with someone, just the sight, or even thought of them made you physically ill?

Instead, learn to let it go – let go of the fight. Ask yourself, why do I allow this person/situation to have control over me? How much time do I spend worrying, or worse scheming? Ask instead, what can I do to learn from this experience? How can I affect the situation? It is what it is. What’s done is done. Now, what MUST I do to move on? Forgive? Accept? Understand? Today we have so many veterans who have experiences many of us can NEVER relate to, from missing limbs to sights and sounds that will last them a life time . . . yet, if and when they learn to “let it go”, they have extraordinary success in their lives as entrepreneurs, business leaders, in sports and hobbies, surely you can let go of the petty office politics, getting laid off, the last argument that has estranged you from a parent, a sibling, an ex-spouse, or child.

What else can you let go? Self-determinants? Old paradigms? Grudges? Stereotypes?

You are awesome. Be Extraordinary! Let it go.

Anthony Tormey

Founder & CEO

Leader Development Institute

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