Taking Time to be Thankful


November, as a month, is so well placed. As the penultimate month of the year, it allows time for reflection on the year past and still gives time to prepare for the year to come.

This November has been a doozy. In fact, given the tumultuous election season we have just come through, this November might be more necessary for reflection and gratitude than ever. While I always enjoy the goal setting exercise enabled by December’s year’s end, I also appreciate the chance to layer on the gratitude in November.

Here are a few things I am feeling grateful for this year:

  • Co-Workers: Speaking personally right now, I have to say that I am very blessed to work with an amazing group of people. I am humbled by their depth and breadth of knowledge and inspired by their fresh eyes and alternate viewpoints. I am also energized by other professionals I meet at industry and government events, who are excited about what they are doing and eager to share their experiences. I am very grateful to be surrounded by a great group of dedicated people – both internally and externally.
  • Technology’s Advancement: 2016 has been an impressive growth year for digital government, and I find that to be truly exciting. We are serving the citizens more and more digital opportunities to interact with their government, and have really stepped up to the plate in our effort to make those digital experiences more pleasurable. When Federal agencies and state and local governments break new ground with digital government, they serve as a beacon to others – and that synergy is something I am very thankful for.
  • This Blog: Being selected as a featured blogger was a real honor for me, and I have truly enjoyed the opportunity to be part of such a robust collaboration effort for the government. While writing my own piece each week has been a rewarding exercise, reading everyone else’s blogs and the subsequent comment threads has been heartening. It is really wonderful to see the sharing of ideas and viewpoints, the support and the calls to action, expressed not only by my fellow bloggers, but by the GovLoop community as a whole. It is heartening to be part of such a vibrant government community, and for that I am truly thankful.

And, as an offering of food for thought (pun intended), check out this Story Map that shows where your Thanksgiving dinner comes from. One thing we can likely all find consensus on is the enjoyment of a great meal shared with loved ones. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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Thank you for these wonderful blogs!
You guys kept me focused and energized all year long.
I appreciate you a whole lot….more than you know.
I also learned a great, great deal and am better at work because of stuff on this blog.
I really feel I moved professionally and am doing some metacognitive thinking about how I work. Happy Thanksgiving! You guys are the greatest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!