Talk with the End User

I’ve wanted to do cartoons for a while. I hear stories about this one all too often.

Remember: talk with (not to) the end user. It will make all the difference.

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Carol Davison

How about designing the program along with the customer? That ensures that any deviations from pecification is corrected soonest.

Andrew Krzmarzick

Hey Sterling – what did you use to create your cartoon and can we expect more of them from you in the near future? 😉

Sebastian James

We received 169 responses to our 3-day poll, “What should we do over our next 100 days?” I’ll recap once we post the results. Sneak preview: it’s worth repeating.

Sterling Whitehead

@Catherine. Brilliant. I love it.

@Carol. Having the customer give you input makes a huge difference. I agree.

@Andy K. I used an old school program, MS Paint. I have one more already made and a few others drafted. You’ll see them on roughly a weekly basis.

Avatar photo Bill Brantley

“The end user will take what we give them and like it! They just need to do their work and stop whining! Meanwhile I need to go cut their training budget and stop the upgrade of their computer equipment.”

The gist of countless meetings over the years. Next on the agenda: the morale problem.