The future of the work/life balance – What we can learn from the”The Wild Thornsberrys”

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HI Jerry,

Great Post. As for the secretary. You could! There are tons of companies right now on the internet, and even personal people, who have your “virtual” 1-800 number forwarded to anyone you want. For instance, my sister, who lives in NC, was my secretary was my secretary for a short time. If I had more technology back then, and money, she had easily been in her living room, on webcam answwering my phones and taking care of my customers. She is as real as anyone else, and you can interact with her as well as anyone else, but she is just in NC. Anyone stay at home mom can do this. If a company really wants to help out stay at home moms (or Dads) , they can help them set this system up, and while the kids are in school, the Moms / Dads are Secretaries. The number one company I know that does this (and they are very ligit) is I know two stay at home Moms who work for this company, and they make the extra money needed for the family to get by. PLUS, the winning part for society, the kids are being raised by a parent and not the system.

So, yes, it is possible. It is happening on a small scale all around us. As technology gets better, cheaper, and easier, I see more families doing what I wish I could now – One parent homeschool in one room, and one parent working from another. Then they can switch and the other parent could teach in the afternoon, and the other parent can work on their projects. On a few days a week, even the kids can pitch in working for the parents. They could help write a project, learn accounting, or drafting. The family and work time becomes blurred because both help each other. There are no lines drawn for the time. If the parents need to take a work trip, everyone goes. The kids learn from experience, not just from a book. The family works together to accomplish it all. Everyone learns as everything gets accomplished. Yes, this can be done. There are families who live just like this everyday. Lawyers, Drs, small business owners, farmers, and Military families live like this. I know them personally, so I know it can be done.


A couple of things I wanted to add to this comment – The Wild Thornsberrys is a cartoon based on parents who homeschool their children, while traveling the world doing their job. They use high tech gizmos to get their job done and help their kids learn. It is the perfect mix of work / life balance. Mr. Thornsberry will take his daughters on his adventures in place of them doing homework. You can tell he loves to teach them by doing. The Mom loves their travels, but she does remind the girls to do their regular homework also. It is a modern day sitcom based in cartoon form. What we parents and high tech folks can learn from the day to day life of this cartoon is the world of 4 walls of the classrooms and cubicles are slowly going away. We parents can break the walls down farther. There is no need to live in the separate worlds of work/life. They can easily merge.

The Wild Thornberrys —

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