The Government Is Hiring

FederalResumeTips.com™ has been paying attention, and we have the inside scoop on how to crack the code and land a secure rewarding career with the Federal Government. There are hundreds of thousands of job that have been created by the current administration to help deal with the unemployment crises, so their hearts are in the right place. The only thing they didn’t consider is the simple fact that the majority of Americans have never filed for federal employment before, and those that have find the process nearly impossible. The key is knowing what makes Federal resume writing different than writing a resume for the private sector. Well, that’s where FederalResumeTips.com™ came up with the idea of the Federal Resume Toolbox™. Stop wasting valuable time trying to figure it out, we’ve already done that for you!

Want more? Purchase the e-book for under $5.


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I think you get a sneak preview here…and if you want the condensed version formatted great, seems worth $5 (latte at Starbucks)

James Highland

Hello Christopher, I totally understand that there is free advice available, but this is my take. I have been in the Government HR business for nearly 20 years and free advice is easy to come by. The only problem, free advice is not always the best advice. In addition, I have given out so much advice over the past 20 years and I would guess less than 5% of the people actually took action. I am a nice guy and don’t mind sharing my knowledge with people, but I have found myself wasting a lot of time giving advice to people that are not serious about a career. I have a full time job, four young kids that are very active, and a wife that works fulltime and goes to school fulltime. I am at a stage in my life where my time has value and seeing that I am an average Joe, I would image that there are other people just like me. With all this said I know how hard it is to crack the code on a government job. I know that you can go to any library and check out a 300 page book or shift through the World Wide Web for the answers. If you are someone that does not have the time to construct a government resume from a 300 page book or try to piece your resume together from a 100 different websites then you may want to visit my website http://www.federalresumetips.com. If my wife and kids didn’t care that I spent my life on the computer giving out free advice every night then I would not charge $5 for my e-book, but they are not big on me working for free when I have so many other responsibilities. Lastly, other services cost $100’s if not 1000’s with no guarantee… If I was not passionate about what I do and if I was trying to make a living off of my website, I would not be giving the Federal Resume Toolbox away for less than $5.

Doris Tirone

Hello James ~ I love the entrepreneurial spirit and appreciate that $5/e-book may not cover the cost associated with your time to put together this toolkit but I have to add, there truly is great guidance already available free-of-charge to anyone seeking employment with the Federal government. Check out http://govcentral.monster.com/ as well as http://www.usajobs.gov/infocenter/. Additionally, USAJOBS is launching an interactive website this Fall where job seekers can ask questions and receive guidance from Federal HR practitioners.