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Still Looking for the App to bring Real Innovation to the Public Sector

Why Innovation Matters In Politics And The Public Sector Fast Company Nov 19, 2012 “No government official or business leader can assume technology will cure their organization’s woes. All forms of innovation and technology require intent and direction to produce a proper, valuable outcome. A coherent and disciplined management approach is important for several reasons.”Read… Read more »

The GovLoop Leadership Guide Companion (3 of 3): Beyond Doing More With Less: Doing Different

The Series Welcome to the final of three posts intended to help you get the most out of GovLoop’s new leadership guide: 10 Traits of a Great Government Leader. Each of these posts covers a different theme and, taken together, cover all ten traits in the leadership guide. Our intent is to provide you withRead… Read more »

That fundamental change we’ve been talking about

Visual notes taken by @Prugelmeister at #goc3 Wednesday I attended Collaborative Management Day. The highlight of the day for me was watching the Clerk of the Privy Council listen intently and respond genuinely as a handful of public servants from across the country asked him questions, sought his support and even expressed their frustrations. TheRead… Read more »