Training Employees – Hours Consumed by Employees

Last week I saw some statistics on Training. Unfortunately, these statistics summarized changes that have been taking place in the private sector. No mention of Government! … although, the statistics were intriguing nonetheless (check out the attachment).

Working in state government and dealing with budget problems which many states seem to be facing, I was curious to see how others faired in training staff and what if any changes had been made. I wonder how much these private sector statistics vary from what’s taking place in Government as a whole.

Trying to get the “big picture” as far as training trends, I’m interested in hearing from others here on GovLoop, as to any recent changes in training curriculum and/or time allotment given to various courses?


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Maxine Teller

We need to stop creating training and start enabling learning. Learning is interactive, collaborative, fluid, ongoing. We don’t learn in releases on specific dates. We should not train this way. Just beginning to dig into this phenomenally interesting issue at DoD.


True! The best learning happens by self-discovery, when two very important elements are present. In order for anyone to truly learn, they must be:

a) engaged in their own discovery process and
b) be motivated to learn

How does one get someone engaged in their own discovery process? By the way, neither of these really require a “trainer.” 🙂


Agreed. Someone wrote me the other day and was saying that people should get CPEs for time spent on GovLoop learning. Probably won’t happen for a long time – but that’s what learning is all about.

Training is always the first to be cut. If it is, we should think of new ways of training and learning whether online environments like GovLoops of world and give people time. Or within agencies have the employees teach each other. Brown bag seminars. Guest lectures and more