TSA IdeaFactory – Liveblogging Gov20 symposium

TSA IdeaFactory
Tina Cariola, Program Manager, TSA

Web-based tool empowering employing to submit ideas, provide comments on how to improve new concepts, etc.
IdeaFactory launched in April 2007 to address 3 key needs:
Engage employees — 50,000+ workforce spread all over the country
Collect constant fresh input about how to improve safety and operations
Disseminate information

Launched in 6 weeks — driven from the top.
Integrated project team from all areas.
Built basic site with in-house IT
Huge launch campaign: Marketed with teaser campaign and live webcast
Implemented ideas as quickly as possible to show employees that the leadership was taking the program seriously. This helped keep traffic high and constant and drove additional participation
One of the first ideas implemented was how to screen cremated remains in a way that honored and respected the family while increasing safety screening efficiency.

Lessons learned:
Balance wisdom of the crowds with SME = success
Engage community and listen to your users
Implement new ideas as quickly as possible to effect change
Remember it is a program and not a web site.
Get buy-in from leadership and users
Transparency and marketing: let people know what you’re doing!

Good, ongoing program, continuing to generate ideas and positive change.

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