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Are You a Rebel At Work? Here’s How To Tell…

Government rebels from all walks of life spanning a range of government agencies united in full force at this year’s NextGenGov’s summit, and it was inspiring. Now, these rebels were not your stereotypical outliers or black sheep; the packed room included a Fellow from the State Department, a Medicaid expert from Wyoming, and a ManagementRead… Read more »

Brainstorm 2.0

How do you negotiate or strategically plan your organization’s next step as an active partner with 50,000 individuals? Ideation can help leaders focus a group, allowing them to speak in one clear and strong voice. Using the right social media tools helps bring the crowd together to brainstorm about a single topic, and then self-prioritizeRead… Read more »

Ideas for government “Quick Poll” questions

(Original post at One great way to encourage interaction on your government website is to include a “Quick Poll” feature on your homepage. The site visitor selects an answer and sees instant results from the other visitors. We’ve had over 9,000 responses to our homepage poll in the year and a half since takingRead… Read more »

TSA IdeaFactory – Liveblogging Gov20 symposium

TSA IdeaFactory Tina Cariola, Program Manager, TSA Web-based tool empowering employing to submit ideas, provide comments on how to improve new concepts, etc. IdeaFactory launched in April 2007 to address 3 key needs: Engage employees — 50,000+ workforce spread all over the country Collect constant fresh input about how to improve safety and operations DisseminateRead… Read more »

The Collaboration Fund — an idea for better government

We have two challenges today. 1. The economy is in a funk and 2. We have too many organizational stovepipes So, why not convince the new administration to setup The Collaboration Fund. The fund would disburse awards to those government employees who were the best collaborators. The backbone of the program would be a governmentRead… Read more »