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Putting German Municipalities on the Twitter Map

More and more German municipalities are using microblogging service – mainly as a complementary news outlet. A map provided by ifib (Institute for Information Management Bremen) displays more than 60 tweeting municipalities – Städte, Gemeinden & Kreise – in April 2011, highlighting total number of tweets and follower count. It looks like cities inRead… Read more »

Microblogging on Intelink

The Intelink has a microblogging capability called eChirp. The service was established to enhance information sharing, collaboration, and situational awareness on the three Intelink networks. Anyone having acess to Intelink and an Intelink Passport may use eChirp.

Is Chirp a safe “Twitter” for the Dept. of Defense/Intelligence Community?

Twitter has had a big impact in the way we communicate, but security concerns have put a damper on its use within the DoD/IC, until now… Welcome Chirp! Chirp is an Open Source Twitter clone available on Intelink. It is on NIPR, SIPR, and JWICS, has an official Authority to Operate (ATO) and on productionRead… Read more »

140 Characters of Crap: The Sophisticated Rise of Social Engineering on Twitter

Anybody that uses Twitter on a regular basis know that there are a lot of junk posts and meaningless content. There have even been studies done recently that categorized the type of posts and found that the majority wasn’t very “news worthy” to say the least. Yet there were some meaningful tweets, I have foundRead… Read more »


I think microblogging inside organizations can be a transformative, disruptive technology to enable faster, more succinct communications. Anyone using microblogging inside their firewall? How is it helping or hindering work, results, and decision making? Do you think microblogging is useful for collaboration, instant messaging, status sharing, and situational awareness? Do you know of any successRead… Read more »

The Official White House Twitter Has Been Launched!

The Whitehouse has official taken the plunge into microblogging and launched their official twitter account @whitehouse today. Another milestone in government 2.0 and social media has been reached. The Official White House Twitter URL: The account was set up and first tweet posted about 2 hours ago putting the time of official release atRead… Read more »

Please help me write and teach about microblogging (esp. Twitter)

Last summer, the good folks at invited me to write up some info about microblogging. Since I’d recently started using Twitter, I was able to write some, and a few other folks we knew added info about other services. I then made some changes in December. However, since I don’t look at the pageRead… Read more »

Twitter Outreach

We just set up a twitter account ( in hopes of using it as another source of distribution to the press and citizens. So, I’ve been poking around online and discovered a few articles of interest. The Pioneer Press on Twitter Learn about micro blogging and join our reporters in the Twitterverse Twitter usage byRead… Read more »