of Personnel Management VS.

My issue with USAJobs – or better yet, the Office of Personnel Management and the so-called advice they are publishing – is the simple fact that it is not going to help the average person land a job. Just like, the Office of Personnel Management’s customers are not the people searching for employment on USAJobs. The Office of Personnel Management’s advice may be beneficial for someone that has a good understanding of the hiring process or for someone that has already figured out how to construct a winning resume, but not for someone new to the process. Let’s face the fact that the Office of Personnel Management’s main concern is complying with the current administration’s agenda – and that is why their info center is full of useless federal resume writing tips. Go look at their Resume and Application Tips, which consist of, “build your resume using the USAJobs Resume Builder, so applicants provide all of the information required by government agencies.” I will tell you that it is beneficial to use their format, however most of the applicants that I counsel do not need help with the format of their resume. Applicants are honestly confused as to what human resource specialists are looking for. The Federal Resume Toolbox takes the confusion away! If you are looking for clear-cut, concise information that will crack the code to writing an effective Federal resume then look no further than the Federal Resume Toolbox.

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