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Companies Favor Cleared Candidates

It won’t come as a surprise to most cleared professionals or hiring managers – despite improvements in clearance processing times, companies still prefer to hire already cleared candidates. This is good news for professionals who already have clearances, bad news for those who don’t or who are anticipating needing a higher-level clearance at some pointRead… Read more »

Even with a “Seedy” Past, Can I Still Get a Security Clearance?

The short answer is, yes – security clearance investigations take into account something called the “whole-person” concept. So mistakes in the past – be it serious debt, or even a felony offense – will be considered in light of the person you are today, and the circumstances behind the conduct. So, if you’re a governmentRead… Read more » of Personnel Management VS.

My issue with USAJobs – or better yet, the Office of Personnel Management and the so-called advice they are publishing – is the simple fact that it is not going to help the average person land a job. Just like, the Office of Personnel Management’s customers are not the people searching for employment onRead… Read more »

Refresh Your Resume Sweepstakes — Win a $500 AMEX Gift Card

If you are a security-cleared job seeker, participate in ClearedJobs.Net’s Refresh Your Resume Sweepstakes and you could win one of two $500 American Express Gift Cards we’ll be giving away. Winners are selected from candidates who refresh their resume or upload their resume on ClearedJobs.Net between June 30th and August 20th. All candidates must haveRead… Read more »