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Meeting Your Web Audience in Their Language

In today’s communications world, you simply can’t ignore the global reach of the Internet, regardless of your industry. The vast majority of organizations — including those without physical offices — benefit from, and are becoming increasingly dependent upon, a strong international presence to communicate and connect with their communities. Every communications professional must face theRead… Read more »

3 Crowdsourcing Services for Translating Your Website

Despite popular belief, English is not the universal language of the Internet. The U.S. Government knows this better than anyone, which is why they look to NAICS code 54193 to acquire the services necessary to translate .gov sites into multiple languages. What form do these services typically take? Direct contract labor of course, which isn’tRead… Read more »

CB2: Gov2.0 Begets Cool Tech

Adriel Hampton (@adrielhampton) kicked off today by writing a great post stating that “Gov2.0 is Not Cool Tech” . His idea is that a senator using an iPad doesn’t equal Gov2.0, but her use of it to collaborate in new ways with her constituents does. While Adriel.0 is on the money, the reality is thatRead… Read more »

Reaching Out to Hispanics: What Government Agencies Need to Know

Rock Creek Strategic Marketing co-founder and principal Scott Johnson recently had a conversation with Carla Briceño of Bixal about what government agencies need to know when it comes to reaching out to Hispanic audiences. The blog post below is an overview of their discussion. People of the Internet, take note: The Hispanic online audience isRead… Read more »