VIDEO: Measure snow, help climate change researchers — featuring GovLoop Founder!

This isn’t necessarily government related, but it is mostly definitely GovLoop Founder-related.

ScienceforCitizens.net is collaborating with a climate research project at the University of Waterloo called Snow Tweets. To help researchers track climate change, we’re requesting that people find a ruler, go outside, and measure the depth of snow wherever they happen to be. Then, report your data here (no snow counts as data), and you’ll get to see your depth report appear on our world map of snow tweets. Amazing!

To help you get started, I put together this “How To” video complete with some empirical evidence from fellow “citizen scientists”, including GovLoop Founder, Steve Ressler. Can anyone say, “Oscar”?

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David Kuehn

Great project and definately important to government. Engaging the public in science and leveraging the cost of data collection is great examples of a public mission