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Video on Harrisonburg Summits – Open Space Meetings Hosted by Mayor

I’m excited about this 3-minute video that captures the energy at a Harrisonburg Summit. You’ll see footage from my Mayor’s Sustainability Summit, which is archived online. I was honored to have Harrison Owen, the founder of Open Space Technology, come visit me to give guidance on how to design the first summit. Over 150 people came, created 30 break out conversations, and turned downtown into a conference center. Harrisonburg Summits continue, with two more planned this year (Intercultural/Interfaith Oct 22 and Sustainability II Nov 14).

I’m offering the service of coordinating these summits through my position at the Community Mediation Center (soon to change to “The Fairfield Center”). Currently, I’m working with the Northern Shenanoah Valley Regional Commission to do a “Housing Forum” for their five-county area in November.

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