Webinar that is pertinent to nonprofits and governmental agencies: Create Media Buzz to Maximize Donations/Funding

Join For The Charitable Community, Inc.’s (www.forthecharitablecommunity.com) January 26th, 10 a.m. (PST) Webinar on Building A Media Contact List.

The webinar will cover all aspects of building a media contact list, developing effective media strategies, and gaining publicity for your nonprofit organization or governmental agency. It will feature an expert panel from the nonprofit sector as well as public relations professionals sharing helpful hints on how to launch a media campaign. Hear the ins and outs that work! Empower your organization in 2012, join in the conversation on January 26th and learn how to get the media to pay attention!

The webinar will feature PR/communications consultants as well as media and communications staff from noted nonprofits in Texas, California and New Jersey. Panelists include Lisa Rodriguez, Marketing/Communications Manager with The Greater Austin Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Kenny Jahng, Media & Innovation Pastor with the Liquid Church of New Jersey, and Nicole Dunn, Creative Producer at Dunn Pellier in Los Angeles.

These organizations have successfully gained exposure with major media outlets such as CNN, ABC, and Fox. Find out how they did it and what worked for them! The expert panel will share helpful hints on how to launch and manage a successful media campaign. Learn how these folks used the media to tell the stories of their nonprofits.

Follow this link to REGISTER: www.forthecharitablecommunity.com The $45 you spend on this webinar could reap thousands during 2012.

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