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What is your Favorite Gov’t Widget?

Building on GovLoop’s recent post: What is your favorite Gadget? My question to you is what Gov’t Widgets do you use? Here is a new one from the IRS, very nicely done:

Two More Nails in the Government-wide Portal’s Coffin

Great blog from Andrea DiMaio of Gartner – Why gov’t-wide portals have a bleak future: leaner, more Agile Agency portals can solve the same probs, evolve with the new technology, & make more sense in today’s world of new/social media. Your thoughts? “Should we stop caring about the user interface, which has been suckingRead… Read more »

The Promise of Going Lean: It’s the latest, buzziest trend in government management. Just don’t call it a fad.

Ken Miller (author of “We Don’t Make Widgets” and monthly columnist for Governing Magazine) recently wrote an article discussing the impact of Lean in government. With budget constraints and travel restrictions across the board, times are tough for many federal, state and local government agencies. In these times, we need to focus more than everRead… Read more »

Running Business Like a Government

I absolutely love this article and thought I would share it with the GovLoop Community. Government managers are often told that they should look to the private sector on how to run their organizations. While government can certainly learn from best practices in the private sector, I have included a piece below that talks aboutRead… Read more »

An Open Letter to President Obama: Change the Lens

I wanted to share a letter with the GovLoop Community written by one of our partners and featured change agents, Ken Miller, author of We Don’t Make Widgets: Overcoming the Myths that Keep Government from Radically Improving. The letter was published by Governing Magazine last month. I look forward to hearing your feedback on theRead… Read more »