What would you ask Greg Long from the TSP – and recent legislation?

Federal Employees News Digest is having a breakfast seminar on August 18th – one of the panels has Greg Long from the TSP talking about the legislation that will make changes to the Thrift Savings Plan – plus Q&A afterwards.

As the spouse of a long time federal employee, I know that I’ll be asking Long some questions (esp. about the Roth feature and spouse beneficiary information) – what would you ask?

Full Disclosure: This seminar is being put on by the company I work for so I can put my $.02 in – and I’d like to make sure the seminar is as valuable as possible (especially given the economy and the state of my own 401k)!

More information about the seminar is available at www.FENDevent.com.
GovLoopers can register with a $5 discount with code GOVLOOP (so it would be $10 for the seminar with breakfast.).

Please post comments with your TSP questions below…

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When will the new website be up?
What are you doing to let newer employees about the federal retirement system? I notice most people only know about TSP and Social Security. They don’t know about the 3rd leg of the stool – we still have a defined benefit pension at about 1% per year served.
What is TSP doing with social media to engage with its participants?