World Paper Free Day – October 28 2010

I posted an event on here a while ago about the AIIM World Paper Free Day that the Industry Association, AIIM (Association for Information and Image Management) are organizing. I wanted to draw your attention to some of the events going on worldwide, and ask if any of you are interested in getting involved and lending your support?

Take a look at this webpage which is home to the event, http://www.aiim.org/events/paper-free-day we are relying on our local chapters to stir up interest and plan events locally, be it huge or a handful of people happy to switch off the printers for a day. Big or small, your support is what counts.
Also available to you on this page are some resources available from AIIM to help you think going paperless longer term.
Research shows that we will have close to 10x more information in 2011 compared to 2006, which means that organizations with paper based processes and archiving will drown in paper. Going paperless will therefore not only help the environment, but make an organization more efficient with easier and simultaneous access to valuable information from across the organization.
If you do have any questions, or are looking for a local chapter, feel free to contact me [email protected] I will put you in touch with the people in the know. 🙂

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Will going paperless really help the environment?

Where do the environmental impact of IT; the electricity for massive server farms to store information, manufacturing of all of the equipment and and perhaps most alarming, the waste factor in to helping to environment?