Do You Dance Any More?

Do You Dance Any More?

You may be surprised but I love to dance.

I was that crazy guy in high school dancing by myself and the fun guy doing the Hammer dance at weddings.

But you know what…I don’t dance much anymore. And I wish I did. I think it is good for the spirit.

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Adam Arthur

It’s good exercise too. I was that guy also. I took it a bit more to the extreme though, and ended up dancing for “Kids of the Kingdom” at Walt Disney World, taught modern “street” dancing for a dance school, and ended up on the 1994 Champion squad at the Spotlight National Dance Competition. I was break dancing in 1979! But like you, I don’t do it much anymore. Sure, the occasional wedding, but that’s about it. I don’t do the bars anymore and there really is no other place to “get down”.

If you think of a good place, let me know. I miss it something terrible.