Feelings Every Fed has When It Might Snow in DC

Here we are again. It might, just might, snow in Washington, DC this week.

If you’ve worked through a winter as a federal employee or contractor in DC, you know the feelings that come with potential snowfall. If you’re new to government, here’s an explanation of what to expect:

When you first hear DC is expecting snow but obviously doubt it, because it’s DC

But as the supposed snow gets closer, you start to get your hopes up anyway

Until finally you have convinced yourself that snow, and the accompanying day off work, is inevitable

But your boss tells you to check OPM for the status of work tomorrow, rather than assuming you have the day off, so you stay up all night constantly hitting refresh on the status page

Only to get the crushing news at 7 AM that there will not, in fact, be a snow day

But then you realize it’s okay, because you work for the government which means that when you do go to work, you help the nation

And anyway, there’s always next time

Photo: Katie Harbath/Flickr

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Mark Hammer

If you want to laugh even more, MY capitol city (and seat of government) has a frost-bite warning for tonight and tomorrow. Wednesday afternoon it is expected to feel like -24F, with the wind chill.

No snow to accompany it, but your breath will get kinda crunchy.

I usually don’t put the long-johns on under the pants unless it dips below -13 or so.

Tammy Seleski

Hilarious post–ask your WI reps/workers about “wishin’ and hopin'” for a snow day; you’ll probably get a few more good stories and laughs 🙂