Go Green, Recycle, and Educate

What do you do with your old cell phones? I know I have three sitting at my house. According to Qwest, Americans own about 500 million obsolete, broken or unused cell phones. “Recycling cell phones helps the environment by reducing the amount of resources extracted from the earth, keeping usable materials out of landfills, and preventing harmful chemicals from polluting our water and air.”

Qwest gives people the opportunity to recycle those unused phones while also helping the community. Go Green for Schools is an initiative that raises money for preK-12 education in various states. Cell phones which are donated to Qwest are recycled or refurbished, and proceeds will be used to generate funds for education.

What a great way to do something for the environment but also give back to your community.

Visit Qwest to learn more.


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Carol Davison

Is there a way to get those old phone numbers out of my years off line Verizon phone? I would like to donate it.