GovGives: $5K Raised and A ‘Thank You’ from Antonia and the Triplets

As you know from our previous appeal and update, GovLoop rallied around David Broadwell and his family over the past couple weeks.

We are pleased to announce that, on behalf of the GovLoop community, I visited the Broadwell family and presented a check for $5,000 to David and Antonia last week.
They are a wonderful family and we are proud that we could help them. They have an overall goal of raising $50,000 to build a home for Antonia as she deals with cancer and tries to raise 18 month-old triplets.
As Govloop continues to promote other great causes and is committed to strengthening our community, Antonia and David’s life will go on as will their mission to build a home and memories for Antonia and the triplets. So, if you would like to contribute to their mission “An Amish Barn Raising” and follow their progress as they move to Slovakia and begin their journey, you can visit It will be interesting to see as David will soon be learning how to lay bricks!

Below is a message from Antonia in her own words:

Hello, my name is Antonia. To all the Govloop members who helped us, I want to say Thank You! Although the words are easy to say, they come from my heart.

I have left a personal message for you on our phone at 571-313-0001, please feel free to call and listen.

Thank you again, God Bless.

“He that has been a servant
Knows more than priests and kings,
But he that has been an ill servant,
He knows all earthly things.

“Pride flings frail palaces at the sky,
As a man flings up sand,
But the firm feet of humility
Take hold of heavy land.

“Pride juggles with her toppling towers,
They strike the sun and cease,
But the firm feet of humility
They grip the ground like trees.

G K Chesterton

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