Guidelines for Contributing Content to GovLoop.com

At GovLoop, shared knowledge is our strength. That’s why we welcome community members from across government and industry to share their collective knowledge through blog post submissions to GovLoop.com.

Check out these guidelines to ensure that your blog post submission is considered for review and publication. And if you’d like to be a regular contributor, consider applying to our Featured Contributor Program. Additional details are at the bottom of this article. 

GovLoop.com Blog Submissions

Please note that a submission does not guarantee publication. GovLoop’s editorial team takes into account the contents of each post, overall relevance to the community, thought-leadership focus and total submissions from the community to determine what will be featured on our website. The timing of posts being published is at the discretion of GovLoop’s editorial team. You must also have a GovLoop.com account to submit stories. Read on to learn more about our criteria.

Share thought-leadership. We welcome submissions that help readers understand an issue, trend, topic or practice in government that is relevant and timely and will help them do their jobs better. This could be in the form of a how-to, best practices or case studies. Not sure what topics will resonate? Issues at the intersection of technology and management that focus on impacts to the workforce resonate with readers. 

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Brunch, Teamwork and Federal Financial Management

Refrain from promoting a particular product, especially if you’re providing insights as a representative from industry. We have other avenues to help you tell those stories, and we’d be happy to connect you with the right people at GovLoop. Instead, we reserve editorial blog posts for explaining how a particular approach, method or capability could help those in government address an issue. Or maybe you can shed light on a new law or policy and what that means for government agencies. We welcome your expertise. 

It’s Time to Rethinking How We Cultivate Diverse Cyber Defenders

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DoD’s Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification: What You Need to Know

Keep posts short and focused. Blog posts should be around 500 words and no more than 700. For grammar and style purposes, we use the AP Stylebook, which is standard practice for media organizations. Submissions without a focused theme, outcome or clear purpose are less likely to be published. 

Use conversational and engaging language. Storytelling is an art, whether you’re writing about technical topics or soft skills. Using a conversational tone helps to draw readers in and keep them engaged. The less jargon, the better. Take time to explain technical terms. The GovLoop community represents a diverse group of public servants with different backgrounds and years of experience. Engaging content is also inclusive and accessible to readers no matter where they are in their careers or what expertise they have. 

Apply to Be a GovLoop Featured Contributor 

If you’re interested in being a regular contributor, consider applying to our GovLoop Featured Contributor Program. We launched the program several years ago as a way to elevate the knowledge and experiences of our community so that we can all benefit from shared insights.

We know that many community members are prolific writers. They’re looking for opportunities to document knowledge, workplace hacks and lessons learned while developing their professional brand and investing in others.

New cohorts start January and June each year, and depending on cohort sizes we do accept some applications on a rolling basis

If you want to be a part of this prestigious program, it’s easy. All you have to do is email [email protected]. Use the subject line “GovLoop Featured Contributor,” and include the following:

  1. Three blog post ideas and the bulleted categories you’d use to frame your stories
  2. A writing sample
  3. Your resume

We welcome you to write about topics that you’re deeply passionate about, and we ask that you use one of the following categories below to frame those conversations. We want to ensure that your stories resonate with as many public servants as possible.

For example, if there’s a technical topic or work experience you’d like to write about, consider how you might tell that story through one of the following lenses:

  • Leadership
  • Diversity, equity and inclusion
  • Resilience/change management
  • Process improvement/agency outcomes
  • Professional and workforce development/learning
  • Employee and public engagement/experiences
  • Communications
  • Career advice
  • Workforce planning (hybrid workforce, retention, etc)

Have questions? Send us a note: [email protected]

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